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  1. CLEO sign off. Time line to be effective?
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  3. Things Customers Say
  4. Gloom & Doom: Paperwork Wait
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  7. Friend storage of SBR length AR upper only question...
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  9. Pot, Kettle, Black
  10. Determining if item is on NFA registry?
  11. fingerprint cards
  12. C & R Record Keeping
  13. West Virginia NFA
  14. SHOT Show ATF Town Hall
  15. New bill in KY would ban most NFA weapons
  16. Trusts Getting a Close Look By Feds
  17. Harrisburg TCA Show
  18. Knob Creek
  19. Belligerent USPS
  20. Longer wait times at the NFA Branch?
  21. Bill introduced to raise the NFA tax
  22. Did ATF shut down Tech Branch?
  23. Government Shutdown = NFA Branch closed?
  24. SBRs and SBSs becoming legal in Michigan sometime soon?
  25. Just Thinking Out Loud
  26. How big is the NFATCA?
  27. Form 4473 and NFA Trust Questions
  28. C&R Move
  29. Proposed Bill in Virginia relating to CLEO sign-offs
  30. Machine guns may no longer be registered to trusts in Virginia
  31. Question: Address change after application submission
  32. Transferable/Registered M2 Carbine slide - mythical NFA weapon?
  33. NFA Infographic
  34. eForms down until further notice
  35. ATF Revises NICS Opinion Again
  36. The ATF may have accidentally opened the door for new civilian machineguns...
  37. Whitehouse petitions to alter the NFA
  38. trusts and person Tennessee
  39. Transferables: How Many?
  40. Form 5 wait times
  41. 26u.s.c.6103 and requirement to show local law enforcement confidential NFA documents
  42. Problems with Banks
  43. He Had a Stockpile of Ammunition!
  44. ATF Told Me to NICS Check the Trust!
  45. The Cost of Fingerprints & Photos
  46. Form 4 to FFL/SOT
  47. Predicted wait times after 41F
  48. Missing information on submitted Form 1
  49. XD Prefix M2 Carbines - Considering ATF Request to Remove from NFA Status
  50. How do NFA examiners process Form 4s?
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