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05-26-2012, 12:36 PM
Recently, NFA Branch has been rejecting transfer requests for suppressors to 07/SOT's in Illinois. This was disturbing because while Illinois state law has a general prohibition against general ownership of suppressors by regular Joes, it specifically allows ownership by licensed manufacturers for all lawful uses in their licensed enterprises. For some reason, NFA Branch was claiming that there had been a review of state law and that they were "just trying to get things right."

NFATCA got on the case. First, NFA Branch could not disclose *who* at ATF was giving this direction. They also would not cite which part of the Illinois law was in question. They even went so far as to suggest that 07's who wanted to transfer in suppressors might want to provide documentation such as a purchase order for a LEA to bolster their transfer. None of this made any sense. NFATCA pressed. The name of the person with Illinois State Police (ISP) that administers the firearms program was given, although it was admitted that NFA Branch had not actually spoken with this person.

NFATCA reached out to officials at ISP. It took a week for them to return the inquiry... something about an all hands on deck as a result of the crazy NATO protests in Chicago. When I spoke with the representative of the ISP regarding NFA Branch's interpretation of Illinois State law, I was assured that there had been no change to state law and that licensed 07/SOT's were still able to lawfully possess, buy, and sell suppressors without the need for additional documentation. I will be receiving a follow up response in writing to confirm the conversation. ISP was unaware of any authorized changes in policy that could have been communicated to ATF. This has been sent back up the lines of communication at NFA Branch.

We have also once again pressed NFA Branch to advise as to where this directive came from. What is troubling is that this is not an isolated incident. There are several issues with several states that have popped up in whack-a-mole fashion that appear to be NFA Branch creating an issue where none really exists. NFATCA is on it and will continue the full court press.

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05-26-2012, 08:15 PM
Thanks for the good work.