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11-07-2012, 10:18 PM
From the NFATCA President, John Brown:

Well I woke up this morning and thought, “This is just got to be a bad dream”. Nope, not so. It seems that over half of our great nation is asleep at the wheel. The only salvation that I can muster up to justify all of this is that neither candidate could find their way out of the mess that this great country is in, so what the hell difference does it make?

I only know that what will make a difference is what you and do from now on out. For a brief moment I thought that this great nation might have a chance. When I heard Obama say, during that second debate, “ I think we definitely need to reinstitute some type of assault weapons ban”, I knew we were in trouble. I had no better faith in Romney. No matter what you believe, just stop for a moment and look at the gun laws in Massachusetts. What you see will draw goose bumps.

What will happen now should come as no surprise to you. Our newly re-elected President will institute an Executive Order. When that happens no matter who controls what in the House or the Senate that bill will affect everything in the world of firearms.

If you take a good hard look at the Canadian situation it is my belief that what this administration will do next will emulate the Canadian strategy. All of the same language will go into effect, no pistol grips, no folding stocks, no bayonet lugs, no flash hiders, no magazines over ten rounds. That sounds bad enough and you might be feeling pretty lucky because you already have all the stuff you need. Well strap on your seat belt my friend because if we follow the Canadian model you will never be allowed to sell, transfer, gift or leave that firearm to anyone. When you die, so does that assault weapon. End of story.

We collectively have been afraid of this for about 4 years. Well it is here and we have no idea how deep this administration will plunge the knife. Pray that this administration does not follow the belief of one our Supreme Court Judges, “Why would anyone have the need to have a firearm when they can call 911?”

Thank God that kind of logic didn’t exist in 1776.
God Bless America.

11-08-2012, 05:17 AM
Thank God the founding fathers were smart enough to have read John Locke's work.

trivia question: Anyone know what really stopped the 150ish years of the age of enlightenment (Age of reason)?

I'll check back here in a few days to give you the true answer.