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Thread: A Better FFL Solution

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    A Better FFL Solution

    The number one concern of the FFL community is compliance. Some of us do very well with compliance and others have an almost palpable fear of it. After all, there are literally 100's of tiny issues that ATF can cite you for. And some of these citations can result in your FFL getting revoked. Realistically, every single solitary firearms transaction can take a frustratingly long time to complete. There are electronic solutions out there. Some are woefully out of date. Some are clearly designed for huge enterprises and require an army of consultants to implement. The NFA community has demanded more.

    More is here. We've looked at a lot of offerings and we've measured those offerings against a long list of mandatory requirements. It must be simple to use. It must be fast. It must be flexible. It must be accessible from anywhere. It must be 100% compliant with ATF regulations. It must enhance, not hinder, the customer experience. It must be affordable. And it must scale seamlessly with your business: from so-called "kitchen table" to multi-outlet. There is one. FFL Boss. Go ahead, click on that link.

    We think that you will find that FFL Boss has the ability to bring your compliance management into the modern era without breaking the bank. As a matter of fact, it will likely wind up saving you money AND keeping you out of hot water at your next compliance inspection. The right information in the right place, with safe and securely mandated backups that you do not have to administer. Want to know more? Head over to the FFL Boss link. Want to see a demo of just how easy it is? Schedule a demo by clicking here.

    Jeff Folloder

    NFATCA Executive Director

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    NFATCA has arranged for an FFLBoss deep discount code that expires at the end of Saturday. If you are a licensee who wants to practically eliminate the chance of errors in your bound book process, then the NFATCA endorsed FFLBoss system is something that you should be looking at NOW. Use the limited promo code NFATCA-Shot17 to receive 20% off of up to a year of service!

    Jeff Folloder

    NFATCA Executive Director

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