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Thread: A&D entries for a SBR

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    A&D entries for a SBR

    I'm a 07/02 but new to the manufacturing side.

    What would my A&D book(s) look like if I take in a 16"+ rifle and convert it to a SBR?

    I'm 'guessing' that I would log it out, then back in with my LLC as the manufacturer.
    I recall on my initial interview, she mentioned about having different A&D books for FFL vs Man vs private.
    So logout of FFL book and login the Man. book.

    Thanks for your replies,
    JWs GUNs

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    I log it in on one line. On the disposition line I write "see Page x, Line y"...

    On that referenced line I enter the weapon as it's new NFA status and reference the assigned ATF control number from the Form 2. I log it out on that line when the item is sold and transferred.

    Jeff Folloder

    NFATCA Executive Director

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    A bit late to the party on this one, but I just had this conversation with my IOI on Monday.

    I was told that I can use a single book for both sales and manufacturing. A separate log book is only required for any gunsmithing work.

    So far as how the book should look, I was told to log the rifle out to "myself" (the manufacturing business) on the first line and create a new line with it "in" as the newly manufactured item being acquired from my manufacturing FFL. Once it's going out the door, I then log it out again - this time to the purchaser/owner.

    Seems that "the right way" is the usual of "it depends on who you ask".
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    I spoke to my IOI on his recent visit.
    He suggested I have a separate NFA book, to make tracking those items easier for the next no-notice.

    Seems like lots of opinions out there.

    FFL 07/02

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