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Thread: Changing beneficiary of a revocable trust

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    Changing beneficiary of a revocable trust

    I recently got a revocable living trust. There is a clause that as the settlor/grantor I can amend the trust at anytime. Because of this, I have two questions I can not find answers too...

    1. If I desire to change the beneficiary due to death or any other reason, do I just change the original trust documents or do I create another page stating my instructions and include it with all future NFA applications?

    2. As the settlor/grantor do I have the power to transfer or designate that title or power over the trust to another person or trustee and abdicate those responsibilitis from myself? If so, like before, do I just create a separate document and attach that to the end of the trust?

    I am sorry about my novice questions. Thanks for anyone's help in advance.
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