We are humbled by the considerable showing of support for our decade long effort to eliminate the CLEO signature requirement. This letter was recently received:

<Name and address redacted>

February 10, 2016

Your accomplishment of eliminating the requirement for Chief Law Enforcement Officer approval of ATF Forms 1, 4 & 5 is an earth-shaking achievement. This triumph alone justifies the existence of the NFATCA by making NFA firearms ownership accessible to approved collectors unfortunate enough to live in communities where the CLEO was unwilling to sign ATF forms.

I cannot imagine all that you had to go through mentally, physically and emotionally to achieve this. But I thank you for everything you have done.

I may be in the minority, but I am equally pleased with the new requirement placed on responsible parties of firearm trusts. The NFA community cannot afford for a mechanism to exist allowing criminals to be able to obtain NFA firearms. You have closed a very dangerous loophole that, in the long run, will benefit all of us by helping to safeguard the longevity of our NFA culture.

Enclosed is my $250 renewal fee plus an additional $300 donation.

I encourage you to amend renewal letters in the future, asking for donations as well. Every thousand dollars you receive strengthens the NFA culture by fortifying the NFATCA. If you ask for it, I believe more folks would make an additional donation after seeing the valuable success you have made.

Kindest Regards,

<signature redacted>