The NFATCA filed a FOIA request in 2014 in order to ascertain an updated count of registered machine guns in the NFRTR. The initial FOIA request was rejected. The NFATCA appealed and acknowledged that because of the disparate record types, we understood that a margin of error might exist. DOJ/ATF has acted on our appeal and delivered on their promise to provide the statistics. As of February 24, 2016:

  • Pre '86: 175,977
  • Sales Samples: 17,020
  • Restricted 922(o) ("posties"): 297,667

From ATF: "Please note that ATF utilizes customized Standard Query Language (SQL) to collect information from system databases. In the instant case, an SQL query may not capture all methods in which the requested information has been manually entered into system data fields. Thus, while each individual record is accurate, there is an inherent albeith wholly unintentional margin of error as to the aggregate statistical information requested."