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Thread: B&T (Brügger and Thomet) APC-45: Where to engrave?

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    B&T (Brügger and Thomet) APC-45: Where to engrave?

    I am appealing to anybody that knows more about this firearm than I do. The B&T APC-45 is relatively new to the US market and I have submitted an eForm 1 to SBR mine. The question I have is in relation to where I need to put the SBR engraving. I know on Hk94s the upper receiver is the serialized part, and I know on the AR-15 the lower receiver is the serialize to part. However, on this particular gun both the upper and lower receiver have serial numbers (matching) and I was curious if anybody knew which one the ATF considered the registered part. I only ask so I can get it engraved with my trust's name in the correct location. Thanks for anyone's help!
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    I have no idea, but since the engraving can be on the receiver, frame, or barrel, it does not matter which part is the serialized part.

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