ATF updated the 4473 a few weeks ago. FFL's may NOT use the old forms anymore. ATF did send out a limited supply of new 4473's (showing as October, 2016) but they did NOT update the e4473 system. They are aware of the problem and are working on it. In perspective, this update is a LONG time coming. The e4473 system was developed for Windows XP and getting it to work with current operating systems is as much magic as it is prayer. The current e4473 can ONLY print out the old forms and those will NOT be accepted in an audit. Many FFL's depend upon e4473 to create legible 4473's for their records. Not having e4473 is a burden. Until the e4473 system is ready, here is a FILLABLE PDF for you to use (download and save; do not use through browser):