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Thread: Anniversary of the 86 Machingun ban.

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    Jeff, I'm with you 100%, which is why my comment wasn't really aimed at the collector market. I'm thinking primarily about dealers with shelf stock of "shooter grade" transferables -- i.e. the guys with a handful of converted AR-15's, a few RDIAS, an HK trigger pack or two, and perhaps a couple tube guns or an AK. Those are the guys that are going to REALLY get shafted were Hughes overturned. Not to mention that the moment there's any real truth to Hughes being overturned I expect you'll see the "shooter" market slow, and the closer it gets to passing the "worse" things will get. Who wants to be the guy that paid $20k for a DIAS the day before they are legalized and can be had for $19.95?

    Keeping in mind that a full 10+% of the transferable market is JUST MAC-type guns, when you throw in AR-15 conversions, DIAS, SP86 conversions, trigger packs, sears, tubes, bolts, etc. it gets hard for me to imagine that the bulk of the registry would be collector-grade guns, but (sadly) without being able to actually see what's on the books, we're limited to educated guesses and gut feelings.

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    The overturning of Hughes will not come as a surprise to anyone when/if it starts rolling. If it does, then they will have their heads buried in the sand and deserve evolution. Ultimately, reversing Hughes will actually enlarge the market and mean MORE net dollars for machine gun dealers. That also means they have to actually apply sound principles of finance to their inventory in the run up so as to mitigate risk and exposure. I doubt that anyone here wants to here my thoughts on the application of arbitrage as a risk management tool...

    Jeff Folloder

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    I don't think Huges will ever be overturned but if it is I have a standing order for 1000 Uzi receiver shells to be delivered the day it is overturned. I probably already have half of those sold. I do know a number of people who don't want it to be overturned because everything they have will be in production the next day, HK, Uzi, M16, MAC. Most of the customers I have talked to want it overturned because even though they will loose a lot of money they will be able to buy a lot more toys for a lot less money. I have talked to a number of dealers that want it overturned because what they loose in current inventory they are sure they will make up volume.
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    Exactly. Couldn't have said it better.

    Jeff Folloder

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWE Firearms View Post
    I don't think Huges will ever be overturned

    It'll get removed, but I will admit it won't be easy, nor will it be anytime soon. From what i've researched I think the best method would be to start at a state level to make select numbers of state exempt from federal law before going for repealing the Hughes Amendment altogether.

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