The KSG, with it's twin mag tubes hung under the barrel, has generated quite a lot of buzz since it's debut well over a year ago at the *2011* SHOT show. I had seen it even earlier in my photographer's studio (he does work for Kel Tec). Sadly, Kel Tec ran into all kinds of supply chain nightmares and the base model is only just now starting to show up at retail. Sadly, the supply is only a trickle and what is supposed to be an under $1,000 shottie is being touted at more than double the MSRP. Sigh. So now, Kel Tec is rolling out the NFA models of the weapon. I'm not sure of the wisdom of cranking out new models of a base gun that has already served to roil your customer base. It strikes me that the best plan would be to get things right with the standard model and *then* do the line extensions. More information here: