Some of you may be aware of the ongoing investigation and prosecution of several individuals over the past decade+ that involved removing the serial number from an existing, transferable machine gun such as a MAC 10 and then grafting that serial number onto a newly made machine gun such as a Browning 1919. This involved a group of individuals that was alleged by the ATF to have perpetrated this conspiracy and fraud in a deliberate attempt to circumvent various laws, including parts of the NFA.

While there have been plea bargain offers accepted, at least two members of the conspiracy chose to go to trial in Arizona and be judged by a jury of their peers. The trial was concluded and the jury was given their instructions/charge. It took less than a day of deliberations for the jury to find Randolph Rodman and Idan Greenberg guilty on ALL counts. From the PACER system:

The defendants await sentencing by the court.